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  • Best camp ever!!! My mother went to Camp Patmos in the late 50's, I attended in the 80's, and tomorrow, I will drop off my son for his first Camp Patmos experience.

  • We just want to say thank you and tell you how much we appreciate you and all you do for our kids. Our son just loves Camp Patmos; it's the highlight of his summer. It's such a wonderful place.

  • My Kids can't wait to go back! The counselors were so friendly and helpful and thier friends loved it too!

  • Wow! The staff was amazing. Whether they were driving boats, serving DELICIOUS meals, leading worship, guarding the pool, repairing/maintaining EVERYTHING or just being friendly and helpful they were always going above and beyond.


  • Family camp was a great experience (again). It's a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the Lord together as a family and with others who love the Lord.

Four Reasons to Attend a Christian Camp This Summer…

Summer is coming, and along with summer come thoughts of camp. Camp is fun for sure, but there are more benefits to a week away at a Christian camp.

Reason 1:  Connecting with the Creator

Reason 2:  Reinforcing previous Bible learning

Reason 3:  Myriads of teachable moments

Reason 4:  Spiritual and social growth


Great advice on Parenting from Tim Challies


2016 Patmos Summer Brochure!  

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End of Year Newsletter 

Click here to see our end of year newsletter, thank you for all those who are impacting lives through your gifts! 


Summer Camp Blues, Planning ahead to lessen homesickness at camp


Why Camp?


What a hotel cant give you.

Camp Patmos

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